The difference in our furniture.

At Reforest Design, our promise is to always keep sustainability in mind in all that we do in our business. Here are the sustainable benefits that set us apart: 

Wood-Free Material 

Reforest Design uses bamboo - a grass - which has greater strength than most hardwoods, is naturally anti-bacterial, can be harvested within 1-5 years, grows back when cut, and produces 30 percent more oxygen than a tree during its lifespan. Bamboo helps us preserve forests, no trees are harmed by our furniture. One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second, half of the worlds tropical forests have been cleared in only 100 years, and there is 9.8 million tons of furniture waste created every year. With the furniture industry responsible for approximately 15% of earth’s deforestation and contributing to toxic wastelands, Reforest Design takes on the responsibility to find a balance between humanity and earth through sustainable design.
Our bamboo is FSC, CE, CARB and ISO Certified.

Natural Finishes 

The protective solution used on all bamboo surfaces is a plant-based oil-wax polish. It is applied by hand with a cloth, and could easily by re-applied in the future without the hassle of sanding. Most finishes in the industry are made of toxic urethanes that make restoration inconvenient, resulting with furniture in our landfills. Our non-toxic user-friendly finishes make it easy to care for furniture over the years, no professional help necessary.
Our natural finish is ISO Certified.



Quality Materials & Hardware 

Bamboo has the compressive strength of concrete and tensile strength of steel; compressed into a sheet material, it is close to invincible. Each part is made of a solid thick slab that could be sanded down over time to remove any dings or scratches. The slabs are matched with simple hardware of the best quality to ensure lifetime durability.



Zero-Waste Design 

Our furniture features replaceable parts to ensure a lasting product and a love that could continue for many generations. Reforest Design furniture does not end up in the landfill. It is repaired, composted, or turned into biochar. On the studio end, all bamboo waste is repurposed; many scraps are used for small projects and the ones that are too small are used to heat a cabin in the winter.



Lifetime Warranty/Repair & Support 

The long life of Reforest Design products is essential to prevent furniture from ending up in our landfills. You could count on us for the tools and lifetime support of a healthy furniture cycle. All manufacturing defects are covered by our warranty. This does not include regular wear & tear, abuse or weathering.



Design Evolution Through Research 

This business is just a seed and counts strongly on consumer input to design pillars for the sustainable ground. All designs are shaped by consumer needs & the earths needs; listening and learning becomes our expertise. This also means that our designs will always be changing with those needs. Unlike most businesses, Reforest Design is well equipped for change and it truly makes it stronger. Tell us what you seek, tell us your story.


One of our sustainable missions is to preserve our forests. Unfortunately, as most businesses, we still carry a carbon footprint through shipping practices. To offset our carbon footprint we have partnered with Shopify Planet.  With each purchase, a percentage is donated to tree-planting organizations. 

Shipping & Packaging Considerations 

We're always looking to cut out plastics in the shipping process. Our furniture comes flat packed with mostly cardboard, but also uses minimal plastics that include tape and shrink wrap; if you compressed it all together, it would only be the size of a golf ball. We are always looking for ways to improve every step of the process.