Does the furniture come assembled?

It does not, but it is easy to assemble! I spent many years designing the furniture for quick and easy assembly. I have selected hardware with metal thread inserts so you could put together and take apart each piece countless times without compromising the structure. Included are assembly instructions. Assembly is a great way to really get to know your furniture. 

Could this furniture be used outside?

This furniture is designed for indoor use only.  

What is the "Lifetime Warranty"?

There is a lifetime warranty on all furniture frames for any structural or manufacturing defects. Regular wear and tear is not included.  Please contact info@reforestdesign.com to discuss your claim.


Could I replace a damaged part?

All parts could be re-purchased and replaced.


Shipping Couriers

Packages under 7lbs are shipped with Canada Post. Packages over 7lbs are shipped with FedEx. A tracking number will be provided with your shipment.


FedEx customs, duties & tax

*See 'Shipping & Refund Policy' for more details.

If your package was shipped using Fedex they MAY contact you (phone &/or e-mail) to clear the package at the border with your SSN. This is their policy for high value packages. If so, this process allows for ONLY 10 days holding before the package is shipped back. This means you have 10 days to submit the required information. If your package is NOT under their high value window, they will deliver straight to your door.

Duties & Taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. You will receive an invoice in the mail shortly after you receive your package. 


Care Instructions

For bamboo care, use warm water and a soft cloth. Avoid soap to prevent natural oils from wearing. Feel free to apply natural oil coats onto surface over time (to freshen up!).


What oil could I use?

Over time the natural oil will wear - but with proper care it can last a very long time! You probably won't have to refinish for 2+ years, depending on use. I recommend the oil that is currently on the furniture, it is called OSMO. You could find it here:

Canada - https://osmo-store.com/
USA - https://osmocolorusa.com/

I use the following:
Natural - 3031 Osmo Polyx Oil Matte
Colours - (contact me)

If it is too difficult to source, I would recommend mineral oil, furniture beeswax oil, or hemp oil. They all have very little to no scent, and are easily applied with a cloth. Other oil alternatives could work too, just keep in mind some are very heavy on the fumes and have specific application processes. Contact me for suggestions.


Oil Re-Application

Make sure the table is clean and dry before application. If you're feeling ambitious and would like to get rid of any imperfections, you could always give it a light sand before oil application (I recommend renting an orbital sander, it'll take all of 2 minutes!). As the oil is natural, you do not need any toxic stripping agents or hazardous gear. 150 grit sandpaper and a basic dust mask/face cloth will work well.


Where do you ship?

Currently shipping to Canada and USA.  For international shipping please e-mail  info@reforestdesign.com


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