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Does the furniture come assembled?

It does not, but it is easy to assemble! I spent many years designing the furniture for quick and easy assembly. I have selected hardware with metal thread inserts so you could put together and take apart each piece countless times without compromising the structure. Included are assembly instructions and a video is coming soon for each piece. Assembly is a great way to really get to know your furniture. You will be a pro at building and rebuilding your furniture in no time! 

Could this furniture be used outside?

This furniture is designed for indoor use only.  

Is there a warranty on the furniture?

There is a lifetime warranty on all furniture frames for any structural or manufacturing defects. Regular wear and tear is not included.  

There is a lifetime repair service available for all damaged or broken parts and scratched surfaces. 

This includes:

A 'Recycling Program' for Reforest Upholstery Tiles. 'Second Life' Upholstery tile collection will include salvaged parts. 

Replaceable Parts: All hardware is designed for assembly and diss-assembly without compromising the structure of the furniture.  Damaged and broken parts could be re-purchased.

Refinishing: If your piece is in good condition but scratched up you could send in your parts for re-sanding and refinishing with a homemade natural beeswax polish.

Is there more information on forests or bamboo?

Yes! I have only provided a glimpse of information on pressing deforestation issues, and insights on bamboo.  Visit  '' for more information on forests and '' for information on bamboo.

Where do you ship?

Currently shipping to Canada and USA.  For international shipping please e-mail

Could I share Reforest Design photos on social media?

Yes, it would be our pleasure! You could access all our photos through the Reforest Design Media Kit:

You could tag us @reforestdesign or #reforestdesign on all social media platforms. Thank you for sharing :)

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