Our vision is to redefine and evolve what is currently recognized as sustainable furniture.

There are currently less than 2% sustainable furniture businesses globally - it appears a big chunk of our physical world has been forgotten in the 35 trillion sustainable trend! Reforest Design launched in 2018 by Ewelina Pankowska as research & development to pursue a greater sustainable vision for the furniture industry.  So far this venture has reached about 2% of its vision (it's a BIG vision) for development and execution with amazing success and support!  Thank you! 

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Our Work

Every design is focused on comfort, quality, longevity, ease of repair, creative expression, production ethics, and preserving our natural world. Each necessity shapes our furniture and results in designs that are evolving and improving with every year of wisdom.


Our team is growing! We are currently moving to the next stage of the big vision.


Ewelina Pankowska | founder 2018


Ewelina studied at OCAD University with a major in Environmental Design and minor in Furniture Design. She has 12 years working with furniture production! She launched Reforest Design as a Sole Proprietor and has been handling production, branding, website design, shipping, photography and customer service.  Her goal is to continue working towards the vision for sustainable furniture.

Peter Byrne | co-founder 2022 

Production Lead 

Peter has been a cabinet-maker for 16 years and easily translated his skills to furniture.  He is interested in the tech end of production and eager to develop new ideas for the CNC.

Dorota Pankowska | art director 2023

Art Director & Marketing Expert

Joining us soon! Dori is one of the top Art Directors in Canada and we can't wait for her insights on the furniture industry.

Colleen Irwin | production

Hand Finishing & Packaging

Colleen loves working with her hands! Her energy spent exploring nature with children, practicing jiu jitsu and ocean swimming year round is hand-sanded into each furniture piece.


At a small scale, most parts are cut by hand with a router, circular-saw and table-saw.  Legs and brackets are rough cut with a CNC machine and finished by hand. The production process further includes hardware installation, sanding, lamination, finishing (oil-wax) and packaging.

Templates and jigs are designed to assure accuracy with all hand-work.

We hope to move all our designs to CNC production by the end of this year.