Reforest Design was founded by Ewelina Pankowska in 2018.

Our vision is to redefine and evolve what is currently recognized as sustainable furniture. Ewelina has been designing & making furniture for 12 years and has not been able to stop challenging the current furniture industry. Every design is focused on comfort, quality, longevity, ease of repair, creative expression, production ethics, and preserving our natural world. Each necessity shapes her furniture ideas and results in designs that are evolving and improving with every year of wisdom.

Ewelina studied at OCAD University with a major in Environmental Design, and minor in Furniture Design. 


The production team grows with furniture and baby demand! Ewelina and partner Peter have recently welcomed little Lotus to their team so there is a bit of dance between work and baby.  Peter and Colleen have joined the Reforest Design team to help with production at this time. You'll still find Ewelina in the studio part-time!

At a small scale, most parts are cut by hand with a router, jigsaw, circular-saw and table-saw.  Legs and brackets are rough cut with a CNC machine and further finished by hand.  Other production tasks include hardware installation, sanding, lamination, finishing (oil-wax) and packaging.

Templates and jigs are designed to assure accuracy with all hand-work.