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Through good design, preserve earth's forests on which all life depends and reduce global furniture waste.

With the furniture industry responsible for approximately 15 % of Earth’s deforestation, Reforest Design Manufacturing hopes to make a change through a careful selection of sustainable wood-free materials. Moreover, one and a half acres of forest is cut down every second, half of the worlds tropical forests have been cleared in only 100 years, and there is 9.8 million tons of furniture waste created every year! Reforest Design is addressing these environmental concerns through its innovative furniture design, material, and manufacturing. The result of Reforest Design’s vision is the very first furniture line with Upholstery Tile® customization and a lifetime repair service.

The signature modular frame system allows for easy repair, endless customization, and longevity. By using sustainably manufactured pressed bamboo, instead of wood, teamed with sustainable upholstery and an easy repair system, Reforest Design seeks to revolutionize the furniture industry.

All of our furniture is handcrafted on Salt Spring Island, BC in Canada.

Reforest Design materials include:

Bamboo Frame (FSC, CE, CARB and ISO Certified)
100% Natural Latex Foam (Tree Sap)
Natural or Recycled Fabric (Greenguard Certified+)
Natural Oil-Wax Polish

Design for Shipping:

Many items come flat-packed for assembly with hardware that is simple, easy and intuitive. This allows us to ship our furniture across North America and easily repair interchangeable parts.

Design for Luxury and Charm:

Our designs are inspired by Scandinavian, Contemporary, Mid-Century and Japanese furniture.

The sustainable benefits of Reforest Design furniture include:

  • Wood-Free Material: Reforest Design uses bamboo (a grass), which has greater strength than most hardwoods, can be harvested within 1-5 years, grows back when cut, and produces 30 percent more oxygen than a tree during its lifespan.
  • Thousands Of Customizable Options: Express your creativity through an Upholstery Tile® archive with 1000's of designs from artists all around the world, or design and select your own.
  • Replaceable and Interchangeable Upholstery Tiles: Each Upholstery Tile® has mortises and grooves, allowing for easy sliding between furniture frames, with a removable key for locking everything into place. Simply remove the key and slide away to exchange tiles for repair.
  • Trading Post and Recycling Program: Trade Upholstery Tiles® with friends or the online Reforest community and recycle tiles that you no longer desire. You will receieve a discount on your new tile and usable parts of your old tile will be used in our 'second generation' Upholstery Tile® line.
  • Greenguard Certified Fabrics: Recycled and natural fabrics are used in Reforest Design’s manufacturing, reducing the release of potentially harmful chemicals, and protecting the health of you and your fellow Reforest Design furniture connoisseurs.
  • Lifetime Repair Service: You could replace each frame part and Upholstery Tile® so your furniture can last generations. Services for refinishing will also be available in the furniture. Reforest Design furniture will not end up in the dump.
  • Online Design and Shipping: An interactive website will be made available, enabling you to preview your design ideas with our design interface. Your furniture will be delivered right to your home.
  • Zero-Waste: All furniture is specially designed to reduce the 9.8 million tons of furniture waste that is created every year. The signature design of the Upholstery Tiles® and 'Lifetime Repair Parts' allows for a product that will last centuries. Additionally, all of our bamboo waste is repurposed.
  • Carbon-Neutral: Our mission is to preserve our forests. Unfortunately, as most businesses, we still carry a carbon footprint through shipping practices. To offset our carbon footprint we donate yearly to tree-planting organizations.
  • Locally Manufactured: All of our furniture is handcrafted on Salt Spring Island, BC in Canada with some help from a CNC machine.

Visit our Video page to learn more about Reforest Design.

Ewelina E. Pankowska

Founder: Designer and Maker

My vision is to redefine and evolve what is currently recognized as sustainable furniture.

I have been designing & making furniture for 8 years and have not been able to stop challenging the current furniture industry. Every design is focused on comfort, quality, longevity, ease of repair, creative expression, production ethics, and preserving our natural world. Each value has shaped my furniture into what it is today.

There are many designs I am currently working on with the 'Reforest Upholstery Tiles' such as headbaords, benches, ottomans, arm chairs + more with hopes to release them in the upcoming years.



Production and Team

The production team grows with furniture demand, some days it's just Ewelina! At a small scale, all parts are cut with a router, jigsaw and table-saw. With high demand parts are cut with a CNC machine, but that only reduces 50% of the workload, the rest is still done by hand! This includes holes, hardware, vacuum lamination, sanding, finishing, sewing and upholstery.

Templates and jigs are designed to assure accuracy with all hand-work.

*We offer furniture pick-ups for Victoria, Vancouver and Salt Spring Island, please inquire.