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100% sustainable wood-free bamboo furniture that is preserving trees and reducing global furniture waste with limitless upholstery tile customization

Lifetime Repair Service
Limited Edition

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

"If it's broke, fix it. Reforest Design creates a repair rather than replace furniture option"

New Ideas

The first furniture line with a lifetime repair service and upholstery tile customization

"Reforest Design creates eco-friendly furniture. Pieces are made of new sustainable materials and designed to be repairable, replaceable and recyclable "

Limited Edition Furniture


Limited Edition Stamp

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Repair Service

Custom Upholstery & Tile Design


Furniture Details

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There is 9.8 MILLION TONS of furniture waste created every year.
Through our unique closed loop furniture system, this furniture will NOT end up in the landfill.