Our Story

At Reforest, our journey began with a daily encounter with the troubling sight of furniture waste scattered across the city, a reflection of the prevailing fast furniture culture. Motivated by a desire to counteract this culture, where furniture has a lifespan of only 7-20 years, contributing to countless environmental issues, Ewelina established a small workshop in a single-car garage. Here, Ewelina envisioned making quality and customizable furniture accessible to all, challenging the norm where such options are typically reserved for the top 4% of the market.

In the confines of this small garage, with a growing team of five, we embarked on a journey of innovation, forced by space constraints to devise new ideas. Over the years, we not only achieved high efficiency but also surpassed industry standards by 30%, delivering our initial 500 orders entirely through manual manufacturing. Building on this success, we are now in the process of translating our effective practices into a scalable automated hub, roughly the size of a McDonald's. Our overarching mission is clear — to eradicate furniture waste and champion equal opportunity through our sustainable circular economy model.