Our vision is affordable custom quality furniture for everyone

At Reforest Design, we specialize in crafting made-to-order sustainable bamboo furniture with an unwavering commitment to quality. Our mission is to safeguard forests, eliminate global furniture waste, and provide affordable solutions. Experience furniture with a purpose – beautifully crafted, sustainable, and tailored to your needs.

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Our Story

At Reforest, our journey began with a daily encounter with the troubling sight of furniture waste scattered across the city, a reflection of the prevailing fast furniture culture. Motivated by a desire to counteract this culture, where furniture has a lifespan of only 7-20 years, contributing to countless environmental issues, Ewelina established a small workshop in a single-car garage. Here, Ewelina envisioned making quality and customizable furniture accessible to all, challenging the norm where such options are typically reserved for the top 4% of the market. In the confines of this small garage, with a growing team of five, we embarked on a journey of innovation, forced by space constraints to devise new ideas. Over the years, we not only achieved high efficiency but also surpassed industry standards by 30%, delivering our initial 500 orders entirely through manual manufacturing. Building on this success, we are now in the process of translating our effective practices into a scalable automated hub, roughly the size of a McDonald's. Our overarching mission is clear — to eradicate furniture waste and champion equal opportunity through our sustainable circular economy model.


Each design we craft revolves around a meticulous focus on comfort, quality, longevity, ease of repair, creative expression, production ethics, and environmental preservation. These foundational principles guide the creation of our furniture, leading to designs that continuously evolve and improve with each year of acquired wisdom. While drawing inspiration from Japanese and Mid-Century design, our aesthetic serves as a backdrop to the fundamental essence of our work—understanding and addressing the needs of the human body. Acknowledging the physical and utilitarian aspects of our bodies, we embark on a journey that begins with prioritizing well-being. Our distinctive LOW collection is a testament to our commitment, seamlessly blending utility with innovative approaches to low seating positions. This collection encourages the body to stretch, build muscle, and improve posture, unveiling new dimensions of comfort and health.


Currently, our manufacturing operates in small-scale batches to maximize efficiency within our existing workspace. Our future goal is to transition to a single-order, on-demand production system. Every design undergoes a precise process, starting with cuts made using our in-house CNC machine. Our skilled artisans then apply hand-finishing techniques, including routing, drilling, sanding, and oiling. To ensure accuracy in our craftsmanship, we employ carefully crafted templates and jigs.

Made in Canada

Nestled on the serene shores of Salt Spring Island in Canada, our furniture is more than just meticulously crafted pieces; it embodies the spirit of this enchanting locale. Every design is born and brought to life amidst the natural beauty and tranquility of this island oasis, infusing each piece with a touch of the distinctive charm that defines Salt Spring. Embrace the authenticity of Canadian craftsmanship as our creations tell a story that begins and flourishes on the captivating landscapes of Salt Spring Island.