The Vision

The Vision

1. Create a world that is truly fair and biodiverse for the preservation of humanity and all essential life.


2. Create a world where social, economic and environmental systems are balanced to establish interpersonal equality and sustainability.


3. Create a world where individual intuitive creativity, science, and technology, are a collaborative network that promote and continually redefine the terms of sustainability.


4. Create a world where all human design and consumption results in regeneration, recycling or repair.


5. Create a world where true freedom for all sentient life is achieved through collaboration (not exploitation), and the practice of universal shared values.


6. Create a world where support and encouragement of personal growth is the foundation for conscious evolution and enlightenment.


7. Create a world where purpose and fulfillment (for higher consciousness) are attained with the expansion of knowledge and wisdom.


8. Create a world where fairness is truly realized with an active system of teachers, students and supporters (no takers/enablers).


9. Create a world where all experience is shared and transparent, through the practice of healthy boundaries, for universal trust, belief, and inspiration.


10. Create a world where peace is found in the understanding of love.

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